CodeCraft – BMW’s Driver of “Digital Car” Software Development

Alexander Denk
DevOps Engineer and JFrog Platform Service Owner

BMW has a long history in developing software: With corporate to off-board as well as on-board software, nearly every area is covered.

For more than 20 years BMW has collected experience in bringing software into cars, and using massive backend infrastructures to connect our fleet. Complexity and the number of components are growing exponentially in this field, which spawned the need for CodeCraft a few years ago for a fresh DevOps platform to drive BMW’s development of Electronic Control Units (ECUs), impacting every component starting from engine to window, steering, brake.

With the first-ever BMW iX Sports Activity Vehicle® as a digital native, it will be our first vehicle that delivers these new software experiences. Beginning with state-of-the-art technologies we moved to cutting edge tech-stacks to ensure fast and robust development processes under strict safety regulations and to enable our teams to deal with all related challenges.

JFrog products such as Artifactory are an essential and mission-critical part of this service mesh.

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