Marvelution’s Marvelous Transition to JFrog Pipelines

Learn how Marvelution, an open-source software development company located in the Netherlands, solved their CI/CD and distribution bottlenecks by deploying the JFrog Platform and the JFrog Pipelines enterprise software distribution solution

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“Code commits aren’t the only way we wanted to trigger pipelines, JFrog Pipelines was the only CI/CD solution that provides all the triggers we need.”

Mark Rekveld , Founder, Marvelution

Company Overview

Mark Rekveld started his first open-source project in 2008, and he established the company Marvelution in 2015. Over the years, this initiative and additional open-source projects experienced rapid growth, leading to Marvelution becoming a well-known developer of applications for the Atlassian collaboration environment.

One of their key applications is a Jenkins integration for Jira. What began as a response to a personal challenge, became a solution that quickly became popular in the open-source community, leading to Marvelution’s establishment as one of the top solution providers for Atlassian integrations.



Marvelution was using Jenkins and Atlassian Bamboo to manage their continuous integration and deployment processes. However, the complexity of managing these tools and the associated infrastructure had become a significant operational obstacle as the requirements for maintaining and setting up environments for their DevOps pipelines were consuming valuable time and resources.

They encountered issues related to limited customization options, scalability concerns, and integration difficulties with their existing toolset. This resulted in disjointed and less efficient DevOps pipelines, compounded by increased complexities and bottlenecks.

The major challenges included:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Limited Customization
  • Complex YAML Configuration

The cumulative effect of the challenges in managing infrastructure, lack of flexibility increased the complexity of their pipelines and dealing with such complex YAML configurations prompted a need for a more organized and scalable approach to their CI/CD and Distribution management.


Recognizing the need for a more robust and flexible CI/CD solution, Marvelution made the strategic decision to migrate to expand their use of the JFrog Platform and deploy JFrog Pipelines for CI/CD.

Leveraging JFrog Pipelines cloud architecture, Marvelution was able to shift away from the complexities of managing on-premises servers and hardware while ensuring high availability and reducing operational overhead.

The extensive customization options enable the creation of custom pipeline templates and reusable workflow components empowering accelerated pipeline development while enforcing consistency and compliance across the organization.

In addition, the platform’s graphical editor simplified YAML configurations, making the setup and visualization of intricate pipelines more intuitive. Similarly, the advanced pipeline orchestration enabled the setup of conditional executions, parallel and sequential steps, error handling, and resource allocation policies to ensure robust and reliable pipeline execution.

Marvelution and JFrog Pipelines CI/CD Solution Diagram

Seamless integration of GitHub and Bitbucket with JFrog Pipelines for Build, Package & Deployment to AWS


Implementation of JFrog Pipelines quickly led to tangible operational and business results including:

  • Cost savings from simplified infrastructure management
  • Time savings due to extensive reusable customizations
  • Improved reliability through simplified YAML Configuration

Marvelution was able to optimize resource allocation dynamically, resulting in cost savings and enhanced performance.  Likewise, reducing manual intervention helped ensure seamless integration with their existing tools while chaining capabilities simplified the management of multifaceted delivery pipelines, fostering agility in adapting to evolving project requirements.

JFrog Pipelines is natively integrated with JFrog Artifactory and the entire JFrog Platform, resulting in a powerful DevSecOps management solution. This integration allows for efficient storage, versioning, and sharing of build artifacts, which reduces costs while increasing operational efficiency.

By migrating to JFrog Pipelines, Marvelution successfully addressed its infrastructure management challenges, improved customization and automation capabilities, and gained greater control over its CI/CD processes. This transition has enabled them to streamline their development and deployment workflows, ultimately saving time and resources while ensuring the efficient delivery of their applications.

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