Software Supply Chain Platform for Financial Services

Accelerate secure and compliant software releases with high availability and continuous supply chain security


“From an organization that runs nearly 24/7 and needs high degrees of resiliency, [the JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform] hits all the marks for what enterprises require for this domain space.”

— Head of ALM Tools and Platforms, Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

Strict Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is by far the most challenging aspect of doing business for Banks and Financial services organizations. They are subject to strict regulatory frameworks like OCC, GDPR, PCI DSS, SOX, and NIST that mandate secure and compliant practices, data privacy, and corporate governance. Achieving agile DevOps and DevSecOps practices while ensuring stringent compliance with these regulations can be quite complex.

End-to-end Software Development Traceability

Because of the need to guarantee accountability throughout the software development lifecycle, banks and financial institutions need to ensure the provenance of their software manifest for each release. They also need to attest to the integrity of each of the components as they traverse the software development lifecycle. Consequently, a platform with comprehensive SBOM capabilities is required, including artifact attestations to achieve true end-to-end traceability.

True Resiliency With ‘Always On’ Services

Financial institutions need a 24/7 operation for business continuity with minimal RTO/RPO to meet expectations. Many financial business operations demand an ‘always on’ posture, based on software development environments with multiple production sites and no room to compromise on performance and governance. That requires an elastically scalable platform to ensure optimum uptime and business continuity, even during service interruptions.

Lowering Cybersecurity Risks

The software supply chain of financial services organizations is a prime target for cybercriminals. Software supply chain security is crucial, as nefarious actors target attacks across these ecosystems. Lowering or eliminating security risks is a critical element of the software development process, requiring a shift of security left in the software development process to identify and address security risks as early as possible.

Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration

Digital transformation and cloud migration are important steps for financial institutions seeking to enhance operational efficiency, agility, and customer experience. They need to adopt advanced technologies and leverage the benefits of the cloud, to streamline processes, improve security, and deploy innovative solutions to stay competitive. This shift allows for scalable and cost-effective infrastructure, enabling financial institutions to adapt swiftly to market needs and deliver more personalized and seamless services to their clients.


The JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform is an enterprise-ready, automated end-to-end software supply chain platform, ideal for financial service organizations to achieve trusted software releases from code to production. JFrog powers entire industries, including 89 of the Fortune 100 and 10 of the top 10 US financial institutions*. JFrog accelerates trusted software development to help financial firms achieve regulatory compliance, and digital transformation, delivering innovation with security and compliance.


Ensure Regulatory Compliance

  • Having release lifecycle management capabilities enables immutable end-to-end traceability across the entire software development lifecycle. Organizations can capture, securely attach, and audit any evidence or attestation of all actions taken against the release – such as security scans, quality tests, and sign-offs
  • The extensive and exhaustive automated SBOM generates one of the industry’s most complete and comprehensive software delivery manifests
  • Holistic application software security across the software supply chain discovers and remediates security vulnerabilities and enables attestation compliant with the NIST Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) and similar regulations

Infrastructure Resiliency and Consistency

  • The high-availability development environment supports multiple sites, teams, critical processes, and tens of thousands of users and pipelines
  • Multi-site replication and access federation enables safe centralized access to a single source of truth for artifacts and builds across all teams and production sites
  • Deployment flexibility across cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, self-hosted, and air-gapped environments results in a high level of scaling elasticity, enabling a smooth transition for digital transformation and cloud migration

Improved Developer Efficiency

  • Single DevSecOps platform provides developers with secure access to all artifacts and build outputs, accelerating development and continuous updates – while meeting security and compliance requirements
  • Integrations with every major IDE, build, test, and deployment tool make for easy ecosystem integration, automation, and control
  • Comprehensive ‘shift left’ security powered by scanning of source code and dependencies for vulnerabilities in the IDE, and git repository, and through a familiar command line interface
  • Curation of OSS packages before developers can use them, prevents injection of malicious code, vulnerabilities, and risky packages
  • Full support for AI development on a unified AI/ML Model Management platform with first-party model storage and Hugging Face proxy capabilities including scanning for security and license issues


JFrog provides DevOps, Security, and Development teams within the financial services industry with a scalable, secure, central repository of artifacts and packages, enabling a secure and compliant process of frequent and continuous trusted software releases.  Our industry-proven end-to-end secure development infrastructure accelerates the delivery of trusted software updates while ensuring the highest adherence to strict regulatory requirements.

JFrog Software Development Platform for the Financial Services Industry - Total economic impact


“JFrog helps us grow because we are deploying in less time, our time to market is less because we’re not spending a lot of time researching every library that we have to get from the open internet. It’s a central version, which I understand, [which includes] all the approved security regulations. I understand which ones are quarantined, and which ones are obsolete and cannot be used anymore.  So, when we have that level of organizational abilities within a tool, I think that’s a good thing to have.”

– VP of DevOps, Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

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