JFrog Distribution

For Fast, Trusted Software Releases

JFrog Distribution allows you to accelerate secure software distribution at scale – across runtime environments, devices, download centers, and remote development sites.

Get your software to where it needs to be, ASAP!

JFrog Distribution enables you to package and accelerate the distribution of secure, immutable releases across the globe — overcoming even limited bandwidth and network lag.

Speed up deployments and concurrent downloads at scale throughout your SDLC – from CI, to CD, through device management – spanning remote sites, hybrid infrastructure, clouds, edges, embedded devices, and IoT fleets.

Future-proof for What’s Next for DevOps

IDC: "Failure to adress distribution bottlenecks is a major risk to business"Modern application development has created new challenges for software distribution that slow down your delivery speed. The JFrog Platform is the only end-to-end DevOps solution that solves the new challenges of software distribution: bridging the gap between CI/CD processes and network impediments to modern delivery at scale.


Speed up Software Distribution Across:

  • Runtime Environments & Devices: Improve deployment speed, governance and network utilization when releasing updates across large-scale, hybrid infrastructure to any edge/device.
  • Ecosystem Download Centers: Easily share base images, plugins and custom software with a broad ecosystem or with specific, authenticated users. Support high-concurrency downloads and verified consumption.
  • Remote Development Sites: Improve developer productivity and CI cycles, enabling 100,000s downloads/second, content HA and optimized network performance – even with inbound-only firewalls or limited connectivity.

Key Capabilities:

Package and orchestrate trusted software distribution across growing number of endpoints and complex topologies – spanning remote sites, production environments, devices, and users across the globe.

With the JFrog Platform, distribution processes are native to your DevOps processes, tightly integrated with your CI/CD, binary management, and security policies.

  • Trusted, Immutable Delivery with Release Bundles: Create multi-repos, immutable release packages and Software Bill of Material (SBOM) that are GPG-signed, certified, and tracked for secure distribution.
  • Network Acceleration and Resiliency: Compound speed-up gains with integrated network optimization technologies: advanced replication, low-latency edge, CDN, and secure P2P. Ensure HA and improve network utilization and resiliency at scale.
  • Security, compliance, and governance: Validation of atomic distribution transactions and package/SBOM integrity, verified distribution and consumption with fine-grained RBAC and audit trail, automated blocking of distribution based on compliance checks, and more.
  • Infinitely Scalable: Release software updates rapidly across massive infrastructure footprints, users or download spikes.
  • Hybrid & Air-gap: Distribute from any Artifactory source to any destination: on-prem, hybrid, multi-cloud, edge infrastructure, embedded/IoT – including air-gapped environments.
  • Flexible, Multi-tier Distribution Stack: Combine JFrog’s Private Distribution Network (PDN) and Distribution Edges to create a customized, powerful, multi-tier distribution infrastructure.
  • Visibility and Traceability: Granular observability across all distribution transactions monitoring, release adoption, consumption and usage analytics, endpoints inventory, troubleshooting, speed, and more.
  • Automated Distribution: Trigger software distribution as part of your DevOps automation processes with robust CI/CD support, API, CLI and webhooks.
  • Simplified Operations: Distribute to multiple endpoints with one click, with powerful management plane, low TCO, and flexible pricing.

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