JFrog Distribution

Centralized Orchestration & Distribution of Releases Across the Globe

JFrog Distribution allows your DevOps teams to efficiently package and distribute release bundles (a logical unit of artifacts of multiple package types along with metadata) and automate the delivery of your software updates to remote sites and end users across the globe. It allows secure transmission of immutable release files and metadata atomically that are verified at the destination. Distribute your software updates that have been scanned for security and compliance issues by JFrog Xray to runtime via JFrog Edge Nodes that are cost effective read-only Artifactory instances.

Distribution is a core function of JFrog’s end-to-end DevOps platform. The JFrog Platform is a complete universal DevOps platform that allows subscribers to manage their CI / CD pipelines from a single pane of glass. It provides a scalable, highly available solution for trusted and expedited releases from code-to-edge. Efficiently distribute immutable releases and gain visibility to remove bottlenecks and optimize release processes.


  • Efficient delivery of immutable and coherent signed and verified release bundles
  • Accelerates software delivery velocity with efficient network utilization and optimized replication
  • Efficiently distribute immutable release bundles across the globe to Cloud Edge Nodes and On-Premise Edge Nodes.
  • Provides auditing and traceability of release bundles controlling permissions and tracking of bill of materials
  • Gain trust in your distributed releases as JFrog Xray enhances artifact / container security and open source license compliance
  • Enterprise ready supporting on-prem / self-managed, hybrid, or in the cloud on AWS or Azure with GCP coming soon


Automate your processes and distribute immutable release bundles from Artifactory source to multiple read-only Artifactory Edge Nodes across the globe in one step.

Distribution across the globe


Distribute artifacts from multiple package types into one coherent bundle along with metadata.

Bundle multiple package types


Deliver secure and trusted release bundles that are digitally signed using a private GPG key and verified at the target site with the public GPG key. Automatically block release bundle distribution based on JFrog Xray scanning results.

Secure release bundles

“JFrog Distribution is basically a CDN on-prem that enables us to distribute to remote locations in a reliable way.”

Artem Semenov, Senior Manager for DevOps and ToolingAlign Technology

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