JFrog Artifactory CDN Distribution and Peer-to-Peer Downloads

CDN Distribution

Delivering Artifacts Globally

Deliver all major package software types globally using JFrog Artifactory for both public and private access using Amazon’s CloudFront CDN.

Artifactory CDN (only for AWS) allows JFrog Platform users to manage, control and distribute high volumes of software across multiple locations.

Peer-to-Peer Downloads

Software Distribution at Run Time

JFrog Artifactory Peer-to-Peer (P2P) functionality improves download speed and decreases the bandwidth consumed by the Artifactory SaaS instance. The JFrog Platform P2P service supports instances where 1000’s of clients need to download a particular artifact or Docker image in a short period of time in a highly secure environment.

Constant Response Time

The JFrog Platform’s P2P architecture allows you to
increase the number of concurrent downloads,
while reducing the load on the repository manager
server – all without having an affect on the
download time.


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