GoLang Web Application Profiling @ Apps Flyer Meetup

GoLang Web Application Profiling

Profiling applications should be a fundamental part of developers’ work, but unfortunately, it is usually not. This talk gives the highlights on Go’s built-in tools for profiling and debugging in runtime: go tool pprof / trace, expvar. Will include code examples & live demos, focusing on web apps. You worked hard to develop a web application, add a new feature, fix a bug, it finally goes live in production but there are issues. Now what? In this talk, we will review several tools built in the Go toolchain. We will see how you can profile a running application, learn to read all that data and try to make sense out of it all. We will also see how you can very easily expose applicative information which can be very helpful when monitoring a running application.

First 25 Entries will have a JFrog Go T-Shirt sent to them (1 shirt per person & per address)


Yinon Avraham

Yinon Avraham

Yinon Avraham

Yinon Avraham is a Software Architect at JFrog. Yinon’s more than 10 years of experience spans multiple languages including Java and Go, where he provides overall application architecture throughout the enterprise. While Software is his work, it is also his passion’s main hobby. Yinon conveys his expertise to the community by speaking at Conferences and Meetups, and maintains his own personal blog, Orange-Coding on software development and on some of his other interests.“Docker Tov”

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