JavaScript: Create Dynamic WebXR experiences with Angular and A-Frame@ Angular Utah User Group Meetup

JavaScript: Create Dynamic WebXR experiences with Angular and A-Frame

WebXR and A-Frame bring virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality experiences to the web. But how can we create amazing VR, AR, and MR experiences using modern web front-end frameworks? In this session, Jeff Fry, Senior Partner Developer at JFrog will show you how you can use Angular and A-Frame to create dynamic WebXR applications. You will discover how to use Angular components to create A-Frame entities, dynamically change A-Frame entity attributes, and how to interact with the WebXR application in the browser and on a mobile device.


Jeff Fry

Jeff Fry


Jeff is a senior technical alliance manager on the JFrog business development team where he works with the JFrog ecosystem partners to deliver innovative technology solutions. Previously, he was part of the partner and alliances engineering team at CloudBees where he delivered partner integrations for Amazon, Microsoft, Google, VMware, and ServiceNow. Outside of work, Jeff enjoys traveling around the world with his family, racing karts with his son, and watching his daughter do front handsprings.  

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