Test Database Logic in Isolation Using Node.js

Test Database logic in isolation using Node.js
Automation tests are the cornerstone of Continuous Delivery. Test isolation is the concept of breaking down automation tests for specific parts of your code, to ensure the high quality of these individual units. Following the Test Pyramid properly, gives immense benefits to ensure high-quality product development. In this talk, we will discuss an approach to test the Database using Node.js as an individual unit, while including all the artifacts(ex: functions, procedures, etc). You will learn how to ensures a faster loop to detect bugs and make it easier to identify the source of the failure.


Rahul Jain

Rahul Jain

Software Engineer@ JFrog

Rahul Jain is currently a software engineer @ JFrog. He started his career in the R&D department in SAP Labs, back in 2014. Rahul has a backend experience across multiple technologies like Node.js, JAVA, and ABAP. He has a keen interest in solving complex business problems and creating innovative solutions to ease the process of building high-quality apps. He is highly curious to learn about ways to improve processes and loves to tweak and experiment with new technologies.