Supply Chain Secruity for Open Source Projects@ IT Tage 365 Meetup

Supply Chain Security for Open Source Projects – It’s Time to Prepare!

Attacks on the open source value chain (OS supply chain) are becoming more and more sophisticated and we as software developers are becoming the focus of these attacks. What are the essential first steps and what should they focus on in the beginning? This of course raises the question of suitable methods and tools. At the same time, the strategic orientation of the company must be included in this security strategy. In addition, we have learned in the recent past that attacks such as the “Solarwinds Hack” are becoming more and more sophisticated and that attackers are now targeting the entire value chain.

What tools are there and where should they be used? How can I start arming myself against the challenges of cyber attacks tomorrow? And that’s exactly what you’ll get an answer for here.


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Sven Ruppert

Sven Ruppert

Developer Advocate

Sven is working as Developer Advocate for Jfrog and coding Java since 1996 in industrial projects. He was working over 15 years as a consultant worldwide in industries like Automotive, Space, Insurance, Banking, UN and WorldBank. He is regularly speaking at Conferences and Meetups worldwide and contributes to IT periodicals, as well as tech portals. Additional to his main topic DevSecOps he is working on Mutation Testing of Web apps and Distributed UnitTesting besides his evergreen topics Core Java and Kotlin.