DZone Webinar: DevOps 101 CI/CD with Kat Cosgrove

DevOps 101: CI/CD
When you’re new to an industry, you encounter a lot of new concepts. This can make it really difficult to get your feet underneath you on an unfamiliar landscape, especially for junior engineers. A lot of the documentation out there assumes you already have additional context and experience, or are proficient in some related tooling, and that doesn’t exactly make it easy to learn. We’re absolutely swimming in abbreviations and abstractions, and sometimes it’s difficult to define a term satisfactorily without needing to define three more for context. It’s like running into a brick wall. In this talk, you’ll learn about CI/CD: what it is, its history, and how it makes your life easier as a developer.


Kat Cosgrove

Kat Cosgrove

Developer Advocate at JFrog

Kat Cosgrove is a chronic early-adopter of new technologies and a real-life cyborg. Her professional engineering background is in web development, IoT, and programming education, but today she's a Developer Advocate for JFrog. She loves finding creative solutions for hard problems, especially if they're a little hacky. When she's not building demos or at a conference, she spends her time gaming, watching e-sports, and working on useless but entertaining side-projects. She also volunteers with area non-profits geared towards getting more women and other underrepresented minorities into tech.