Continuous Delivery Automation @ OSCONF 2021

Continuous Delivery Automation

How much automation do we have in our CI/CD pipelines for faster delivery?  Ever wondered why the CI is easily automated with different toolchains but CD remains manual? With the ever-growing need to ensure a faster lifecycle from code to production, it is essential to ensure we examine automating our CD as well.   In this talk, we will seek to understand what is being done in some top-tier DevOps organizations to ensure faster Software Delivery. In particular, you will learn about automating the CD processes in different types of environments.


Disha Meswania

Disha Meswania

Enterprise Solutions Lead at JFrog, Disha works with large Enterprise customers as a Technical point of contact to JFrog. She has worked with various CI/CD Products and is well versed with different CI and Orchestration tools.

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