JFrog Cloud Pro X on the AWS Marketplace

Are you ready to deliver higher quality releases more quickly and efficiently with greater confidence? Let JFrog Cloud Pro X on the AWS Marketplace help your DevOps teams manage your mission-critical applications.

JFrog Cloud Pro X features JFrog Artifactory and security scanning tool, JFrog Xray together. Pro X empowers DevOps teams to improve their productivity and efficiency to increase velocity and deliver high-quality software. Xray natively integrates with Artifactory providing automated and continuous scanning to identify and prevent known security vulnerabilities and open source licensing violations from making it to production using the industry’s most comprehensive database, VulnDB.

Artifactory is the first universal binary repository manager that supports multiple build packages, artifacts, and metadata. It allows DevOps teams to have the freedom of choice of build packages (Bower, Chef, CocoaPods, Conan, Conda, CRAN, Debian, Docker, Go, Gradle, Git LFS, Helm, Ivy, Maven, npm, NuGet, Opkg, P2, PHP Composer, Puppet, PyPI, RPM, RubyGems, SBT, Vagrant & VCS), CI/CD platforms, and DevOps tools.

Pro X supports Kubernetes for automating deployment, scaling, and management of microservices and containerized applications. Manage your microservice deployments and gain insight into dependencies using Artifactory as your Kubernetes registry, while Xray scans all container layers, validating the information stored in Artifactory and recursively peels away the different layers and their dependencies, ensuring that every artifact included in your Docker image has been scanned for all known risks. Pro X meets your business model needs supporting hybrid, cloud, and multicloud environments

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