JFrog Artifactory HA cluster deployment in Kubernetes using Helm

A step-by-step demo showing how to deploy your JFrog Artifactory HA cluster in Kubernetes using Helm.
Embark on your voyage with Artifactory and Helm today!

  1. Create Helm Chart Repository
  2. Setup Helm Client
  3. View Helm Chart in Artifactory
  4. Install Artifactory HA (Primary & Secondary Nodes)
  5. View Nodes in Kubernetes Pods
  6. Get New Artifactory HA Public IP
  7. Install Artifactory Licenses (removed)
  8. View Primary and Secondary Nodes in Artifactory
  9. Scale Up to 3 Nodes (Add 1 Node)
  10. View 3 Nodes Cluster in Artifactory
  11. Scale Down to 2 Nodes (Remove 1 Node)
  12. View Scaled Down Cluster in Artifactory
  13. View Scaled Down Artifactory Pods in Kubernetes
  14. Delete Artifactory HA Cluster Completely

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