Air Gap Distribution in 3 Steps

Many companies choose to isolate their critical or sensitive systems to prevent any kind of data breach. Industries such as Finance, Oil & Gas, Government, Military, and Healthcare intentionally maintain air-gapped environments, where devices within the air-gapped network cannot communicate to devices outside of the air-gapped network. This assures that the software running within these systems has been deliberately installed. Occasionally, there are also some remote edge locations with no to limited internet connectivity.

To support secure and traceable software releases in such scenarios, JFrog Distribution introduced Air Gap Distribution.

This screencast demonstrates how JFrog Distribution enables secure software distribution of your immutable and signed Release Bundles to remote Artifactory or Edge nodes within an Air Gap, network-isolated environment. Try it out >

AirGap Distribution Workflow:

  1. Export signed release bundle from the Artifactory instance.
  2. Download the exported zip file.
  3. Manually import release bundle to an Artifactory instance or Edge Node in air-gapped network.

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