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A woman of influence: Tali Notman

Silicone Valley Business Journal, June 18, 2021

JFrog’s Tali Notman is one of the 2021 Women of Influence in Silicon Valley.


JFrog takes lessons from reopening Israeli offices as it prepares to bring Valley workers back

Silicon Valley Business Journal, June 8, 2021

JFrog went public in September in the middle of the Covid pandemic. Now it’s preparing to reopen its offices as the epidemic wanes.


ABC News: JFrog Re-Opens Offices in Sunnyvale, CA

ABC Bay Area News, June 7, 2021

Tech CEO’s share their a-ha moments as they decide what’s best for them, their companies & employees when California reopens next week. No two companies are alike.


JFrog offers software distribution as a service

InfoWorld, June 3, 2021

New addition to the JFrog devops platform promises to speed up software deployments, updates, and concurrent downloads across hybrid infrastructure, edges, and IoT devices.


SD Times news digest: JFrog Private Distribution Network

SD Times, May 27, 2021

JFrog’s new JFrog distribution capability is part of the JFrog DevOps platform and it enables enterprises to easily set up and manage a secure, massively scalable hybrid distribution network. 


JFrog Announces Private Distribution Network

DevOps Digest, May 27, 2021

JFrog’s Private Distribution Network is designed from the ground to enable speed, trust, scale, and simplified operations.


JFrog Releases the Industry’s First Private Distribution Network for Software Updates to Accelerate Large-Scale Application Delivery

PRESS RELEASE, May 26, 2021

Innovative technology accelerates software distribution by multiple orders of magnitude to speed up deployments and concurrent downloads across large-scale environments, spanning hybrid infrastructure, edges and IoT devices.

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JFrog Unveils New Industry-First Capabilities for its DevOps Platform to Enhance Binary Lifecycle Management at Scale

PRESS RELEASE, May 26, 2021

Industry-first Federated Repositories, Crypto-signed Pipelines and other new features improve efficiency and end-to-end trust when supporting large-scale growth in binaries, cross-geo developer teams, and concurrent delivery pipelines.

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JFrog Adds Private Distribution Network for App Binaries

DevOps.com, May 26, 2021

At its online swampUP conference today, JFrog launched a Private Distribution Network (PDN) that makes it simpler and faster to distribute application binaries across an extended enterprise.


SD Times news digest: JFrog updates DevOps platform

SD Times, May 26, 2021

JFrog announced new capabilities for its DevOps Platform that enhance binary lifecycle management at scale.