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CircleCI is a cloud-based continuous integration and delivery platform. It’s free for open source repositories, and supports most languages. It enables developers to quickly test their changes by building their software without having to manage a CI server.

Power of the Cloud

JFrog Artifactory and CircleCI can be used to create fully reproducible builds without worrying about losing dependencies as JFrog Artifactory stores your build artifacts and build information.


Universal Support

Artifactory supports most package formats compatible with CircleCI which means you can get detailed build information for a variety of package types. Universal support for cloud based CI server.

DevOps Collaboration

When incorporating JFrog Artifactory into your build process, CircleCI fetches NPM dependencies from Artifactory and caches them. It then publishes created NPM package to Artifactory, along with build information.  Publish dependencies and build information for the entire DevOps team.

Build Control

One of the main challenges when using CircleCI solution, is storing build artifacts for future distribution and Artifactory helps to create fully reproducible builds without worrying about losing dependencies.  Maintain control over future build distributions.

Cloud based CI

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Build Integration & Artifactory

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CircleCI Orbs & Artifactory

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