Xray 3.91.3

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: March 12, 2024

Feature Enhancements

Contextual Analysis Statuses in REST APIs

Updated REST APIs that return Contextual Analysis results to provide richer results. The previous boolean output is still available for backward compatibility, but it’s now deprecated.Contextual Analysis REST API Support

We recommend updating your code to use the new string format for a more informative experience. The new format is a string of the following values:

  • not_scanned

  • applicable

  • not_applicable

  • undetermined

  • rescan_required

  • upgrade_required

  • not_covered

Xray Policies Enhancements

Revamped the Create Policy UI to be more intuitive and user-friendly. You also can now add a Watch when creating a Policy.Create Watches and Policies for Xray

Jira Integration New Wizard

Introduced a new Jira Integration wizard that easily enables you to connect your Jira instance to Xray.

Resolved Issues




Fixed an issue whereby, Xray DB Sync failed when used via proxy.


Fixed an issue whereby, deb files built by the "fpm" tool (https://fpm.readthedocs.io/) were not scanned correctly and resulted in a 'not scanned' status, due to entries with a name ending with a slash despite the entry not being a folder.


Fixed an issue whereby, in Xray Reports, when creating a report and using upper case letters in the Impacted Artifacts field, report generation resulted in incorrect data.


Fixed an issue whereby, an "Internal Server Error" was issued while generating a JSON of CycloneDX (SBOM report) for an artifact.


Fixed an issue whereby, the violations table for a repository scan did not sort properly.