Xray 3.80.9

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: August 17, 2023


New Scan Status REST APIs

Introduced new REST APIs that enable you to retrieve the different scan types' statuses for a single resource (artifact/ Build version / Release Bundle version). For more information, see Artifact Scan Status, Build Scan Status, Release Bundle Scan Status.Artifact Scan StatusBuild Scan StatusRelease Bundle Scan Status

Xray on OpenShift

You can now enable/disable securityContext for all containers to support OpenShift

Resolved Issues




Improved Xray container downloads efficiency in cases where some layers of a container are missing, and Xray's scan fails after multiple attempts to download the layers while retrying to download all even when it is failing to download only one of the layers. This resulted in higher transfer consumption than needed. With this improvement Xray first checks all the layers are available and only then download them saving redundant transfers.

XRAY- 20320

Fixed an issue whereby, in some cases, scanning an artifact containing GO components resulted in the scan being stuck in a loop and eventually resulted also in the SCA scans queue being stuck.


Fixed an issue whereby, the extraction of RedHat 9 OS packages within Docker resulted in incomplete indexing of the Docker (indexed without the RPM OS packages). Issue exists as of Xray version 3.76.x.