Xray 3.82.6

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: September 10, 2023


JFrog Catalog

For Enterprise X and Enterprise + subscriptions with Software Package Curation.

Explore OSS packages and discover their versions, vulnerabilities, license data, operational risk, and if they have any dependencies. For more information, see JFrog CatalogJFrog Catalog

Xray support for Release Bundle V2

Xray now supports scanning Release Bundle V2. You can now create security policy actions on Release Bundle V2. For more information, see Scan Release Bundles (v2) with XrayScan Release Bundles (v2) with Xray

Release Bundle V2 is supported in Artifactory versions 7.68.X and above.

Improved User Experience

Improved the user experience to provide you with the following:

  • New experience for DevOps persona in Artifactory screens

  • Artifact/Build/Release Bundle version: Overview dashboards that aggregate vulnerabilities, violations and security data in one screen

  • Build trend: Overview widgets that help you understand the trend of violations, vulnerabilities and Malicious Packages between the different build versions.

  • Easy way to filter vulnerabilities from the overview widgets

Resolved Issues




Fixed some issues relating to violation search in the Watch Violations tab.


Fixed an issue whereby when trying to view an SBOM for an artifact, in some cases, resulted in an error "failed to get next records batch" and "query limits reached”.


Fixed an issue whereby in some cases the option to set an Ignore rule expiration date wasn't presented in the UI.


Fixed an issue whereby the progress of an advanced scan is not updated if one or more artifacts fail the scan.


Fixed an issue whereby Xray failed to index a docker artifact due to a runtime error.


Fixed an issue whereby, when there were more than 40 Watches, the Xray Watches list only displayed the first 40.