Xray 3.31.1

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: August 23, 2021

Set a Grace Period before Failing Build

You can now set a grace period in a Policy for build failure, allowing you to stop a build from failing if violations exist, for the period of time you set. For more information, see Creating Xray Policies and Rules.Creating Xray Policies and Rules

New Filter in Watches

Filter the Watches list in the Watches page in Xray to narrow down and display only Watches that are relevant to you. For more information, see Configuring Xray Watches .Configuring Xray Watches

Filter Ignore Rules

Use an array of different filtering options to narrow down the list of Ignore Rules by the filter criteria you select. For more information, see Ignore Rules.Ignore Rules


The new features mentioned above require Artifactory version 7.25.x and higher.

Xray Reports Clone

Create a clone of an existing report in Xray Reports to reuse a report and its defined settings saving you the time of recreating reports that you use often. This feature requires Artifactory 7.23.x and above.Xray Reports

Hot Upgrade

You can now upgrade an Xray High Availability (HA) installation from version 3.31.0 to a higher version without turning off all the secondary nodes. You can complete an Xray HA upgrade with zero downtime.Xray HA Upgrade

Feature Enhancements
Enhanced Xray Dependency Scanning and On-Demand Binary Scanning

Xray Dependencies and Xray On-Demand Binary scanning now include the option to ignore violations. In the JSON report of each scan, an Ignore Rule URL (URL to Xray in the JFrog Platform) is included in the results, enabling you to create ignore rules for violations in the report, as described in Ignore Rules.Xray Dependencies ScanXray On-Demand Binary ScanIgnore Rules

Resolved Issues

JIRA Number



Fixed an issue whereby, in some cases, the Force Reindex REST API failed.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Watches page sometimes took a while to load when it contained a large number of defined Watches and Policies.


Fixed an issue whereby, the scanning of builds that contained artifacts within a repository that was not marked for indexing, sometimes returned incorrect results.


Fixed an issue, whereby in some cases, creating a violations report failed due to missing data in some of the violations.


Fixed an issue whereby, scan-build failed when the build name contained the '/' character.


Fixed an issue whereby, in some cases, deleting a Watch was not deleting the related violations.