Xray 3.85.5

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: November 2, 2023


Support for pg_trgm PostgreSQL Extension

Xray now supports pg_trgm PostgreSQL extension in native RHEL installation.

Feature Enhancements

Force Re-index Improvement

The Force Re-index operation which forces the reindexing of existing artifacts and builds for missing components, now supports deleting components that should no longer be part of the artifact's/build's component graph

Self-signed Certificates Support for JFrog Advanced Security

Self-signed certificates are now supported for JFrog Advanced Security on Self Hosted environments.

Jira Integration Enhancement

You can now set up custom and mandatory fields for a Jira ticket. For more information, see Xray Jira Integration.Xray Jira Integration

Resolved Issues




Fixed RPM Xray installation libltd errors in rhel 7 created via google cloud. 


Improved the Packages tab in the Scans List page.


Fixed an issue whereby, in some cases, violations were not generated when a repository is under a project and marked as "any repository" in the the Watch configuration.


Fixed an issue whereby, Xray failed to correctly detect the release of an RPM when it included a `+` character in the release string.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Contextual Analysis scan results were not included in REST APIs response for ZIP artifacts in a Maven repository.


Fixed an issue whereby, report generation failed due to network related issues without any retry. This issue most likely occurs when generating large reports.