Xray 3.8.2

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: August 23, 2020


Due to a known bug in this version, we recommend you upgrade to version 3.8.5.

Feature Enhancements

Add Builds to Indexing Configuration API

A new Add Builds to Indexing Configuration API has been added to Xray REST API that enables you to add new builds by only providing the new build names to the list of builds selected for indexing.Add Builds to Indexing Configuration

Archive Installer Improvements

Install as a service was modified to use systemd scripts for systemd supported machines.

PostgreSQL Version Bundling

Xray bundling with PostgreSQL has been updated to use a newer PostgreSQL version 12.x

Resolved Issues
  1. Improved the performance of Impact Analysis processing.

  2. Fixed an issue, whereby in some cases, Artifacts were not indexed and scanned properly if the database was not available for a period of time (e.g. database restart or failover).

  3. Fixed an issue, whereby Release bundle repo mapping caused Xray scanning to not find the files.

  4. Fixed an issue, whereby there was a discrepancy in the component ID of PHP composer between Artifactory and Xray. The mismatch was fixed to always match vendor/package name in lower case.

  5. Fixed an issue, whereby a vulnerability, in the Xray web application prior to version 3.8.2, did not properly restrict access to the license pages, which could have allowed an unauthenticated user to obtain information regarding the server license.