Xray 3.26.1

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: June 10, 2021


Xray's Garbage Collector (GC) feature enables you to avoid race conditions between delete/create events sent by Artifactory mainly when moving Artifacts and promoting images. This feature is active by default and is configurable in the Xray system YAML deleteMode (‘gc’/‘eager’) parameter.Xray System YAML

You can manage the Garbage Collector through a set of REST APIs, such as getting the GC status or forcing GC to run. For more information, see Garbage Collector (GC) REST APIs.Garbage Collector (GC)

Resolved Issues

JIRA Number



Fixed an issue whereby, the Export Component Details REST API did not work properly when you have identical Docker images with different tags.Export Component Details


Fixed an issue whereby, in some cases, after force reindex, vulnerabilities and violations are not displayed for scanned builds or newly indexed Docker images.


Fixed an issue whereby, Xray was not scanning builds that contained ">" in the build name.


Fixed an issue whereby Xray did not find and display violations in a build when it contained special characters, such as "/" "\" in the build name.


Fixed an issue whereby, the URL provided in the Xray build scan results used by CI integrations did not point to the specific build in the Xray data tab.


Fixed an issue whereby, in some cases, updating system parameters using the REST API caused deletion of the jsFilesBatch parameter.


Fixed an issue whereby, in some cases, there were duplicated rows in the Xray data tab security export in PDF, CSV, and JSON formats.


Fixed an issue whereby, in some cases, Xray failed to scan a build that contained a Golang package with a replaced go.mod.


Fixed an issue whereby, sorting by Severity was not working properly in the Xray Security tab.


Fixed an issue whereby, upgrading Xray from version 2.x to 3.x was failing when the XUC component filename was greater than 255 characters.


Fixed an issue whereby, when requesting an artifact's dependency graph in a repository by path using the Get Artifact Dependency Graph REST API, it returned incorrect results.Get Artifact Dependency Graph