Xray 3.27.2

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: June 30, 2021


The new features introduced in this release require Artifactory version 7.21.3 and above.

New Security Manager Role in Projects

A Security Manager can perform security-related project actions such as Manage Xray Data, Manage Reports, Manage Watches and Policies, and Ignore Global Violations.Projects Concepts and Terminology

Generate Xray Reports on a Project Scope

You can now generate Global Xray Reports for selected Projects for all report types in Xray.Xray Reports

Apply Global Watches on Projects

You can now apply Global Watches on specific Projects enabling you to set rules and policies in the selected Projects.Configuring Xray Watches

Feature Enhancements
Added DB Sync Metrics

To monitor the DB Sync status, new DB Sync metrics were added to the Open Metrics REST API and Log.Open Metrics

Resolved Issues

JIRA Number



Fixed an issue whereby, Xray detected components with dual licenses consisting of CDDL-1.1 and GPL-2.0 as unknown licenses.


Fixed an issue whereby, when scan-build is activated shortly after a build is pushed to Artifactory, the two processes might run in parallel resulting in database errors and failures.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Xray server request log rotation is not archived in the default archive folder.


Fixed an issue whereby, in some cases, some vulnerabilities of an old sub-component were displayed in the Xray tab.

This fix is available with Artifactory version 7.21.2 and above.


Fixed an issue whereby, Xray did not display correct data when using the same properties in different Maven components.


Improved the Artifact Summary REST API performance.Artifact Summary


Fixed an issue whereby, Xray indexing was failing due to miscalculation of free disk storage.