Xray 3.5.2

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: June 21, 2020

Database Sync Known Issue

In all current Xray 3.x versions up to Xray 3.6.2, you might experience the Database sync process getting stuck. To resolve this, it is recommended to abort the process and retry. To learn more, click Synchronize the Database when Working with Xray..Synchronize the Database when Working with Xray

Feature Enhancements
Artifactory Connection Management

Improved the process of Xray's active connections to Artifactory. To reduce the load in Artifcatory and improve performance, all HTTP client connections have a limited number of concurrent connections to Artifactory.

Repository Scan Improvement

The process of repository indexing was enhanced. Indexing requests of Artifacts that were initiated from an index repository request are no longer persisted in the Artifactory database. This improvement reduces the network and database load in Artifactory.

Resolved Issues
  1. Fixed an issue, whereby the CVE was not displayed in the PDF reports.

  2. Fixed an issue, whereby a false positive was declared for RPM packages due to incorrect RPM distribution comparisons.

  3. Fixed an issue, whereby Xray failed to process empty manifest.json files preventing the .wh components to be deleted.

  4. Fixed an issue, whereby the Update Builds Indexing Configuration REST API command was missing response messages.Update Builds Indexing Configuration

  5. Fixed an issue, whereby when an invalid or expired license was detected by Xray, an error was displayed at the debug level instead of the error log level.

  6. Fixed an issue, whereby when loading a watch, ignore rules were being loaded slowly.

  7. Fixed an issue, whereby when migrating from Xray 2.x to 3.x, client SSL configurations were not migrated properly.

  8. Fixed an issue, whereby in a High Availability cluster, an error occurred when reloading the config cache.