Xray 3.41.4

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: January 26, 2022


The new UI features in this release are available with Artifactory version 7.33.x and above.

Xray Data Retention

Improve Xray performance and data usage by selecting which artifacts are important to scan and how long to retain their Xray data. To learn more, see Set a Retention Period for Xray Indexed Resources.Set a Retention Period for Xray Indexed Resources

Feature Enhancements
Added Export and Import of XRAY Configuration to the Xray APIs
  • Export API:

    • Added the ability to export ticketing (jira) integrations using 'ticketing_integrations' property.

    • Added the ability to export all configurations using 'export_all' property.

  • Import API:

    • Added the ability to import configurations asynchronously using 'async' property.

To learn more, see IMPORT & EXPORT.IMPORT & EXPORT

Resolved Issues

This release contains resolved security issues, for more information see Fixed Security Vulnerabilities.




Fixed an issue whereby indexing on large environment, for new and existing artifacts, is slow and expresses itself in very large persist and/or persist existing queues.


Fixed an issue whereby internal AQL from Xray to Artifactory can cause a significant load on the Artifactory database. The AQL is triggered when Xray scans a build.


Fixed an issue whereby the JCLI indexing was failing for GO binaries.


Fixed an issue whereby in some cases a zip bomb protection error was not handled correctly, causing unnecessary retries.