Xray 3.22.1

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: April 7, 2021

Feature Enhancements
Limit Storage Space Used by Indexer

You can now limit the storage space used by the Indexer microservice during concurrent downloads and extraction of artifacts. This will ensure that the used storage will not exceed the default 80% of allowed disk usage.

To enable this, set the server.enableVirtualStorageManager parameter to true in the Xray system YAML file.Xray System YAML

Resolved Issues


The resolved issues now contain the associated JIRA number to help you keep track of your issues that were fixed in the release.

JIRA Number



Fixed an issue whereby, when running a history scan on a Watch, the artifacts scanned time was not updated.


Fixed an issue whereby, when several files were deleted in the same directory inside a Docker container, Xray sometimes reported false positives on the deleted files.


Fixed an issue whereby, the UI configuration to stop email notifications was not working properly.


Fixed an issue whereby, false-positive security violations were generated in Maven Red Hat versions.


Fixed an issue whereby, the link provided in the Watch notification e-mail for violations alerts was incorrect.


Fixed an issue whereby, Red Hat generated incorrect CPEs for vulnerabilities related to alt-Linux, and therefore Xray reported false positives. Xray now only matches .el7a version suffixes with .el7a versions.