Xray 3.61.5

Xray Release Information


Released: November 20, 2022

Feature Enhancements

Red Hat SQLite Support

Xray now supports the new Red Hat format, SQLite, for storing RPM OS package information.

Xray OCI Container Scans Enhancement

On-demand scans of OCI image tarballs using the JFrog CLI jf scan command. Docker and OCI image tarballs built with Kaniko and Podman can now be scanned using JFrog CLI jf scan command.Xray On-Demand Binary Scan

Security Policy Enhancement

A new condition for generating a violation on a malicious package was added to the Security Policy.

Resolved Issues




Fixed an issue whereby, the version and vulnerabilities of GO modules compiled with -s flag were not detected.


Fixed an issue whereby, viewing NuGet packages failed with an HTTP 500 error.


Fixed an authentication issue when using Xray REST API and CLI commands with tokens that were generated using the /api/security/token Artifactory REST API.