Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: June 28, 2020

Database Sync Known Issue

In all current Xray 3.x versions up to Xray 3.6.2, you might experience the Database sync process getting stuck. To resolve this, it is recommended to abort the process and retry. To learn more, click here.Configuring Xray

Feature Enhancements
Schedule Background Tasks

Xray now provides a way to schedule the DB sync background task using the Update DB Sync Daily Update Time REST API. Xray chooses a random time on startup to get daily updates from XUC. This time can be configured through the API, and restart is not required.Update DB Sync Daily Update Time

Prioritization of Scan Events

Xray now prioritizes the scanning of new Artifacts/Builds/Release Bundles over events originating from a history scan or a full repository scan, and provides the capability to control the number of workers for new content versus history/full repository scan using the Configuring the Workers Count REST API. Requires Artifactory version 7.6 and above.Configuring the Workers Count

Resolved Issues
  1. Fixed an issue whereby, an error was ignored in the code when fetching the bin manager ID, which caused a nil pointer error.

  2. Fixed an issue whereby, the scan-build failed when there were no policies, watches, and builds configured, and an unclear message was issued.

  3. Fixed an issue whereby, in Xray REST APIs where the artifactory_id parameter (or within a path) was required in Xray 2.x, and it is no longer required in 3.x and will be ignored.