Xray 3.0.13

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: February 17, 2020

Database Sync Known Issue

In all current Xray 3.x versions up to Xray 3.6.2, you might experience the Database sync process getting stuck. To resolve this, it is recommended to abort the process and retry. To learn more, click Synchronize the Database when Working with Xray.Synchronize the Database when Working with Xray

Resolved Issues
  1. Fixed an issue whereby loading and displaying vulnerability and violation data prolonged.

  2. Fixed an issue whereby assigning custom issue to descendent components failed.

  3. Fixed an issue whereby Go packages were indexed incorrectly.

  4. Fixed an issue whereby aborting the DB sync did not remove old zip packages.

  5. Fixed an issue whereby under certain circumstances violations were not triggered when a package with vulnerabilities was detected.

  6. Fixed an issue whereby Xray incorrectly detected Debian package names.