Xray 3.81.8

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: August 31, 2023

Feature Enhancements

Enhanced the Scan Build REST API

Update the "more_details_url" parameter in the Scan Build REST API v1+v2 to link to the Scans List page instead of the Xray data tab in the Artifactory.Scan Build V1

Contextual Analysis Scanners Automatic Update

The Contextual Analysis scanners are now updated automatically via DBsync without the need to upgrade Xray.Configuring Xray

For Self-Hosted environments using the offline DBsync do the following:

  1. Copy the new sync command (the one that has been updated with this version)

  2. Run the command after upgrading to this version.

Resolved Issues




Fixed the response error when the build scan is initiated directly after the build is uploaded.


Fixed an issue whereby, viewing Docker descendants within a build failed with an HTTP 500 error.


Fixed an issue whereby, the JF scan command in the JFrog CLI for Xray, produced a file access error in Windows environments.


Fixed an issue whereby, the sorting of the violations table could only sort according to specific columns instead of all columns.


Fixed an issue whereby changing the order of Policy rules via the UI fails and once the Policy is saved the order remains unchanged. The issue first occurs in 3.78.9


Fixed an issue whereby in some cases the option to set an Ignore rule expiration date wasn't presented in the UI.


Fixed an issue whereby the progress of an advanced scan is not updated if one or more artifacts fail the scan.


Fixed an issue whereby when trying to view an SBOM for an artifact, in some cases, resulted in an error "failed to get next records batch" and "query limits reached”.