Xray 3.73.5

Xray Release Information

JFrog Xray

Released: May 4, 2023


Additional Installation Methods Supported for Advanced Scans

Enterprise X and Enterprise + subscriptions with Advanced DevSecOps.

In this release, Advanced Scans for Self-Hosted is supported for the following installation methods:

  1. HELM (from version 3.67.9)

  2. Debian

  3. RPM

  4. Linux Archive

Repository Manual Scan for JFrog Advanced Scans (JAS)

You can now manually scan a repository on-demand for JAS ( Contextual Analysis and Exposures).Repository/Artifact On-Demand Advanced Scan

CVE Search Report

Generate a report through the REST API to search for resources artifacts/builds/release bundles/ projects that are impacted by a specified CVE. You can share the report with others in your organization. The search will only work on indexed resources. For more information, see CVE Search Report.CVE Search Report

Resolved Issues




Fixed an issue whereby if a Security Policy contained the rule Skip not applicable CVE's, violations for vulnerabilities that were found applicable were not generated.


Fixed an issue whereby, when builds are uploaded to Artifactory with spaces in their names, users will not be able to view the scan data in the Xray Scans List or Build Versions tab.


Fixed an issue whereby, a user was able to assign the same Policy to a Watch multiple times.