Xray 3.18.0

JFrog Release Information


Released: March 2, 2021


Xray versions 3.18.x and lower are not compatible with Artifactory version 7.17.4 and above. You need to upgrade to Xray 3.21.2.

Feature Enhancements
PostgreSQL Version Support

PostgreSQL 13 is certified to be used with Xray 3.x and above.

Resolved Issues


The resolved issues now contain the associated JIRA number to help you keep track of your issues that were fixed in the release.

JIRA Number



Fixed an issue, whereby the Xray server service might run out of memory when the Impact Analysis update impacted a large number of artifacts.


Fixed an issue whereby, in some cases, a Docker image was not indexed by Xray due to a runtime error.


Fixed an issue whereby, when a new license (from Xray Global Database) was added to a component (during DB Sync), the Impact Analysis process that was triggered was slow.


Improved the indexing of RPM packages by adding support for LZMA compress format scan


Fixed an issue whereby, Xray created new files and directories with maximum allowed permissions mask (777). Xray now will create any new files with mask 660 and new directories with mask 770.


Fixed an issue whereby, the Impact analysis queue continued to grow when there were many RedHat based Docker images.