Opkg Repositories

The vast diversity of connected devices continues to grow, and all these devices run their own flavor and version of embedded Linux. The distribution and variety of Opkg packages is vast, and must be properly managed in order to be maintainable.  As a fully fledged Opkg repository, Artifactory presents several benefits for Opkg developers.


Distribute and Share Opkg packages within your organization

Using local repositories, Artifactory gives you a central location to store your internal Opkg packages. When all teams know that any package can be accessed from a single URL, access to local package and managing them between the different teams becomes very easy. And if you need to share your packages with colleagues in geographically remote sites, Artifactory supports replication to another instance of Artifactory that is outside of your local network.

Reliable and consistent access to packages

With Artifactory as your Opkg repository, all the resources you need for development and build are stored on your own local or corporate network and storage. Packages developed internally are deployed to local repositories, external resources such as downloads.openwrt.com are proxied by Artifactory which caches packages from the remote resource locally. Effectively, all packages you need for your development effort are available on your local network, of the external network or any 3rd party services.

Smart search for packages

Artifactory provides you with flexible search capabilities to help you find any Opkg packages stored in your system using both the Artifactory UI and the REST API. Built-in functions make common searches very simple. For example, you can easily find the “latest” version of any package without having to specify a version number. Custom properties take search a step further. Artifactory lets you assign any set of properties to your boxes, which can later be used for search. Custom properties let you search for packages using any set of rules relevant to your workflow. But the full power of search comes with AQL which allows you to search for packages using any number and combination of search criteria. A simple way to construct complex queries.

More than just Opkg

Artifactory supports most common packaging formats. Whether it’s Docker images, NuGet packages, RubyGems or Vagrant boxes, Artifactory is a single solution that handles all of your binary artifact management.

As an Opkg repository, Artifactory offers package management features that enterprises need when working with Opkg.