Secure the Software Supply Chain the Hard Way or Choose the Platform Way

Enterprise DevOps teams are using too many disparate expensive tools to secure their development environments

Malicious actors are exploiting the growing attack surface of the software supply chain, causing organizations to apply a multitude of security measures, resulting in too many disparate tools, overwhelming complexity, multiple vendors and costly budgets.  Compounding this issue, is the extensive use of open source and third-party components that introduce potential vulnerabilities such as:

  • Malicious code inserted into a codebase
  • Cloud related misconfigurations
  • Coding flaws and insecure practices
  • Unencrypted authentication and user data

To minimize the way attackers can exploit the software supply chain, security teams must effectively reduce the attack surface by  identify and prioritizing vulnerabilities, preventing attacks before they happen and responding quickly and intelligently to security incidents.

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