JFrog Connect IoT platform – New Linux Agent (Version 5.0)

It’s been a long time since we announced big news as today, our new Agent API that makes it possible to connect embedded computers running Real-time OS or any other embedded device capable of working with REST-APIs. And now, we happy to publish our newest latest Agent for Linux based systems – Version 5.0.

What’s new?

Version 5.0 is one of our biggest upgrades we did until today, going forward with a completely new agent, written from scratch in Golang to be lightweight and much more generic to support as much as possible Linux based devices out of the box.

The new Agent takes only 6.5MB of disk usage and 8-10MB of RAM, make it suitable for embedded systems running on low hardware resources. In the same breath, we moved a few of the agent capabilities to our General API, check it out here – JFrog Connect Docs.

Supporting old Linux systems as well – As the new agent design to be lightweight, genric and powerful, it is now also much more independent and can run on any Linux based system.

CPU usage and Speed – Well, this is not a secret, this agent is extremely quiet when it comes to CPU resources and fast, very fast, nothing that we have seen before.

How do I Install JFrog Connect new agent version 5.0?

Well, that is particularly easy. Running the same device registration command that you can find inside your JFrog Connect dashboard under ‘Register device’, will download and install the new JFrog Connect agent automatically. Don’t have an JFrog Connect account? Join here.

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.