Raspberry Pi Central Management Solution

Many companies, since its introduction, have incorporated Raspberry Pis into their products to fulfill the processing power demands their end products require to function, which a typical microcontroller would be not powerful enough to do the same set of tasks.

These small computers come in a variety of sizes, most popular being the full Raspberry Pi development board and the Raspberry Pi Compute module which is for integration in mostly end products/edges, and are capable of running compatible versions of Linux (i.e. Ubuntu, Yocto, Armbian etc.) on all revisions and Microsoft Windows operating system on selected boards.

Managing Raspberry Pis centrally

When a company integrates an SBC such as Raspberry Pi Compute Module on an edge device manufactured by them, they lose physical access to the device at the moment it’s being acquired by the customer. Therefore this makes deploying future updates, software maintenance, and monitoring becomes a difficult situation. There are multiple approaches companies take as a work around for this problems:

  1. Installing remote desktop tools such as Team Viewer or Anydesk to remotely log in to Raspberry Pi devices to carry out system updates and file transfers.
  2. Use ngrok or similar tunneling/ port forwarding tools to expose network ports on the device to the internet.

However, these options may not be ideal when it comes to:

  • Managing hundreds or tens of thousands of devices remotely.
  • Deploying updates to multiple devices at the same time.
  • Quick and easy integration of edge devices into your fleet.

JFrog Connect for managing your Raspberry Pis

JFrog Connect  is an all-in-one, centralized device management platform to manage, control, monitor and secure your devices; not only Raspberry Pis, but also any embedded device that is capable of running a Linux operating system distribution such as Ubuntu, Arch, Debian etc.

What’s JFrog Connect?

JFrog Connect is an all-in-one Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that’s used to Update, Control, Monitor and Secure remote Linux & IoT devices, at scale, with the click of a button. That’s simple. To perform those four main types of functions on your devices, we offer you a fleet of value added services to ease and streamline the process.


Why JFrog Connect?

Here at JFrog Connect, we noticed the requirements the industry has been yearning for a more centralized way to enroll, control and manage Raspberry Pis and other SBCs remotely. We identified many use cases of such a system and the benefits such a system brings to the customer:

  • Easy enrollment, configuration of devices
  • Remote control access – SSH, VNC, port forwarding, remote command execution etc.
  • OTA update – container updates, filesystem updates, app updates etc.
  • Logs – performance, activity
  • Alerts for resources, system and process usages
  • Security vulnerability analysis – active and passive

And many more. After a thorough analysis, we came up with our flagship, the JFrog Connect dashboard to address all those requirements. Our platform is ever so improving and we have gained a customer base, based from a variety of industries from IoT to general purpose users.

We provide you a Secure, Reliable and Scalable platform for IoT device management, that can be used to manage the edge linux IoT devices remotely from anywhere in the world. Our platform gets more and more sophisticated and feature rich by the day, and we guarantee the highest reliability and functionality of our service with our 24/7 customer service.

Register today to claim your free trial to evaluate JFrog Connect remote management tools and find out how OUR platform can be used to improve YOUR products!

We also offer you a comprehensive set of guides to the features we offer and tutorials to make the best use of them! If you have not yet checked them out, make sure to follow this link!

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.