How to manage embedded Linux IoT products remotely

Managing embedded Linux based products may save a lot of money and time as they enable us to debug and maintain our products remotely and close software bugs that comes along the way. To manage Linux based products remotely without finding our selves going out of focus and building a whole new another product for managing Linux devices, here at JFrog Connect, we provide a ready-to-use cloud-based management platform for your industrial project. JFrog Connect IoT platform designed to be generic and secure, suitable for most of today’s industrial IoT missions. JFrog Connect management platform includes the right set of remote tools to completely provide infrastructure for controlling a fleet of devices as it at our lab. What tools JFrog Connect provides to help us maintain products with confidence? Starting from general device management that includes basic system metrics of each device – CPU, RAM, Disk usage, IP, MAC address and a simple connection status which determines if the device is “online” or “offline”. Besides basic metric, there are a few other amazing tools for understanding the status of the running software on the product – viewing software logs&errors and receiving live metrics of important software variables from the product sensors/software – everything that may be helpful for later investigation of what happing in the field. Time for controlling. Well, monitoring may be very important to understand how our devices behave. But to make the maintenance much more effective, JFrog Connect provides a set of controlling tools that bring back the confidence to move to the production stage. There are 3 main controlling mechanisms: Micro update – an over the air software update tool to deploy lightweight software updates of code patches, packages, and Bash commands. Control Center – a good fixable way to send remote bash commands to the devices. Those commands can help us make small quick optimization in a few seconds. Remote control – a live web shell terminal of the Linux device, providing a secure way to debug anything from anywhere worldwide. Combining this set of smart remote management and maintenance tools in one secure place makes your daily job simple and intuitive, keeping our product stable, secure and updated with the latest software release we can provide to our product users. Soon we will go to production, is JFrog Connect still relevant for my company project? YES. JFrog Connect agent runs as a software service on your Linux OS and can be installed a day before production. Is it possible to install JFrog Connect agent once and use the same device image copy for the whole fleet? Yes. JFrog Connect agent automatically detects new hardware and register again as a new device. Using this method helps to install JFrog Connect on a fleet of devices quickly with zero integrations. Ready to start exploring JFrog Connect IoT management platform? Register here and connect any embedded Linux based device in 60 seconds.

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.