Big July Release: Edge maintenance with simplicity

It’s time for a refresh. In the “Big July Release” our team focused on 2 major improvements that bring simplicity and powerful maintenance methods to JFrog Connect platform.

Platform Re-arrangement

As JFrog Connect platform getting powerful and wide it is still our first priority to make it simple as possible for our customers all around the world. if it’s a support man, developer, or project manager, we want everyone to feel comfortable when using the platform.

The definition of “Simplicity” is something that easy to understand. JFrog Connect platform is proud of the ability to close the maintenance loop in one place – Manage, Control, Update, and Monitor. We wanted our customers to achieve this simplicity right-away when they first reach the platform dashboard.

Here is what we did to make things simpler:

Monitor Category

  1. Resources: monitor device fleet resources – CPU, RAM, DISK, power state, and anomalies.
  2. Processes *New*: monitor processes of your running device application.
  3. Data: monitor important data of your device (previously called app monitor).

Logs Category

  1. Application: receive app text alerts, code exceptions, errors, or important states.
  2. Device *future change*:  receive any log, including non-textual.

JFrog Connect Agent 5.1

Agent 5.1 is the first to support the new processes monitor tool. Additionally, the 5.1 Agent includes better log explaining in case of an issue in the device registration stage and better remote control stability.

We are here for our customers and hope this upgrade made things easier and convenient. We are always happy to hear about features and tools our customers would like to have in the future. Feel free to email us –

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.