AWS IoT Raspberry Pi alternative – How to manage thousands of devices

While AWS IoT is a great cloud platform and a really great way to send receive data from a fleet of IoT devices. When it comes to Raspberry Pis or any other embedded Linux based product, JFrog Connect provides an entirely new and smart way to manage and maintain devices remotely, and it is easy than ever.

What tools and features will help you manage thousands of Raspberry Pis remotely?

There are plenty of tools that may help you feel confident in deploying your fleet of devices to production. Thousands of Raspberry Pis running in the field is a tough situation to manage and handle. Unlike cloud servers, embedded devices run in different environments which may affect product software stability and behavior.

Here are a few tools and features that can help us manage a fleet of product in production:

1. Basic device management – view each and every one of your products. Know if it is online or offline, connected to the internet or not. See basic resources metrics like CPU, RAM, DISK usage, create, and split your devices to groups based on your arrangement.

2. OTA updates – we can’t predict the future and guess what features we will need to add to the product software, and what software bugs we will have to fix. At JFrog Connect we provide an easy-to-use solution that helps to keep you Raspberry Pis or any other embedded Linux fleet updated and stable even in production. The Micro update is a lightweight tool that brings all the amazing features of the software update to the embedded Linux industry.

3. Monitoring – thousands of Raspberry Pis or any edge devices, running all over the world, may behave differently and had to be monitored with an alerting system that will reduce product downtime, and keep all stable.

Here at JFrog Connect the integration with any Linux based device takes less than 60 seconds. There is also an option to add JFrog Connect agent as part of the Linux image and make the scaling process easy than ever. Moreover, the platform is completely free and full-featured up to 3 devices, all to make the integration process even faster.

JFrog Connect is a modern Linux-first IoT platform designed to efficiently update, control and monitor edge and IoT devices at scale.