As of May 1, 2021

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You’ve arrived at this page because the era of Bintray, GoCenter, and ChartCenter has ended – as newer and better options have emerged. Through these free, universal repositories, JFrog supported for years the open-source community’s needs for publishing and distributing binaries.

We’re proud of the benefits they provided, as they helped spur software innovation and bolstered the work of brilliant developers. But you know what they say. Don’t overstay your welcome. Know when it’s time to bow out. Make a graceful exit.

The same motivation that prompted JFrog to create Bintray, Go Center, and ChartCenter is underpinning our decision to retire them: To do what’s best for the community.

  • The Go team has built a module repository for Go developers called
  • The Helm community has built a chart and package library called ArtifactHub

These options make our repositories redundant. However, this doesn’t mean that JFrog is abandoning the distribution space. The opposite is true. We offer trial and paid JFrog Platform cloud subscriptions that serve binary distribution needs. And to be clear, Artifactory installations with remote repositories configured against Bintray and the Centers will not be affected. 

You can find all the details about our plans for shutting down these repositories in this blog post. We also encourage you to watch this video in which Baruch Sadogursky, JFrog Head of Developer Relations, offers his take.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us on Twitter @JFrog. Thanks for using Bintray, GoCenter, and ChartCenter!

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