Shani Achwal

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Shani is a marketing leader with over a decade of experience working in global tech companies and startups. She excels at bringing new products to market and driving business growth. As part of the JFrog Security Product Marketing Management team, Shani is passionate about software supply chain security, and is on a mission to inspire organizations to prioritize and develop clear strategies to ensure their applications are protected from code to release.

The Latest From Shani Achwal

  • 3 Key Considerations for Securing Your Software Supply Chain

    | 3 min read

    An organization's software supply chain includes all the elements involved in developing and distributing software, such as components, tools, processes, and dependencies. Each link in this important chain presents the potential for security threats. Recent research conducted by Gartner shows a major increase in attacks targeting code, tools, open-source components, and development processes, particularly in…

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