Shaked Zychlinski

JFrog AI Architect

Shaked is an AI Architect at JFrog’s CTO Office, where he works hand-on on implementing Generative-AI-based solutions in the company’s products. Previously he led the Recommendations Systems group at Lightricks, and worked at other leading software companies such as Taboola and Appsflyer. When he’s not writing code for work, he writes code for fun.

The Latest From Shaked Zychlinski

  • Taking a GenAI Project to Production

    | 6 min read

    Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) are the new revolution of Artificial Intelligence, bringing the world capabilities that we could only dream about less than two years ago. Unlike previous milestones, such as Deep Learning, in the current AI revolution, everything is happening faster than ever before. Many feel that the train is about…

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