Paul Davis

Field CISO

Paul is an experienced IT Security Executive who, as Field CISO at JFrog, works to help CISOs, IT execs and security teams, enhance protection of their software supply chain. Additionally, he advises IT security startups, mentors security leaders, and provides guidance on various IT security trends. Paul also spends his time exploring the latest technologies, DJing, reading, and boating.

The Latest From Paul Davis

  • Key Take Aways from RSA 2024

    | 7 min read

    The impact of the 2024 RSA Conference on security in San Francisco was beyond expectations.  It was really a fantastic opportunity to meet an amazing group of individuals from all stages of the software supply chain from CISOs to researchers to development and security teams. Our discussions reflected the key challenges facing software security professionals…

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  • Removing Friction Between DevOps and Security is Easier than you Think

    | 11 min read

    Removing friction between DevOps and Security teams can only lead to good things. By pulling in the same direction, DevOps can make sure developers continue to work with minimum interruption, while automation and background processes make security more effective and consistent than before. And, security teams have the visibility and understanding of the software development…

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  • Friction between DevOps and Security – Here’s Why it Can’t be Ignored

    | 5 min read

    Note: This post is co-authored by JFrog and Sean Wright and has also been published on Sean Wright's blog. DevOps engineers and Security professionals are passionate about their responsibilities, with the first mostly dedicated to ensuring the fast release and the latter responsible for the security of their company's software applications. They have many common…

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