Noam Zilberman, Sr. Director of Engineering Productivity/DevX, JFrog

Noam Zilberman

Sr. Director of Engineering Productivity/DevX

Noam is an experienced leader with a unique combination of strong technical expertise, business understanding, and excellent interpersonal skills. Recognized for driving complex systems to production in short times frames and being able to quickly see the forest from the trees, his specialties include building and managing cross-functional teams, driving innovation from ideation to large scale production and driving meticulous FinOps practices. When he’s not contributing articles in the professional press, Noam enjoys spending time with family, swimming and traveling to exotic places.

The Latest From Noam Zilberman

  • How a DevOps Company Does DevOps

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    At JFrog, we believe in practicing what we preach by "drinking our own champagne." This means that we not only develop and deliver market-leading products but also utilize our own solutions in our development processes. When it comes to managing development environments, we aim to implement the best-in-class approaches. By adopting these top-tier practices, we…

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  • JFrog’s cloud migration story

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    Since inception in 2008, JFrog has hosted its own development environments on-prem. While this approach worked well for a time, the increasing need to deploy faster, while sustaining high quality and reducing hosting costs made us realize that we needed to leverage the JFrog SaaS Production environment. So in 2022, we started an effort to…

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