Natan Nehorai, JFrog Security Researcher

Natan Nehorai

JFrog Application Security Researcher

Natan is based in Leshem, Israel, and is currently a security researcher for JFrog. Prior to that he was a Penetration Tester for Accenture, bringing experience from previous roles as a Penetration Tester in the Intelligence Corps of the IDF. He also owns GIAC and OffSec certificates, in the fields of application security, source code review, and mobile forensics. When he’s not researching new vulnerabilities, Natan enjoys spending time with family, reading and drawing.

The Latest From Natan Nehorai

  • Analyzing common vulnerabilities introduced by Code-Generative AI

    | 15 min read

    Artificial Intelligence tools such as Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing Chat are the current big names in the Large Language Model (LLM) category which is on the rise. LLMs are trained on vast data sets to be able to communicate by using everyday human language as a chat prompt. Given the flexibility and potential of LLMs,…

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