Mark Milinkovich

Mark Milinkovich

As the go-to product marketing lead for JFrog Artifactory, Mark gets involved in growing the JFrog ecosystem in areas such as; optimizing the onboarding of the JFrog Free subscription, digital collateral throughout the DevOps journey, customer events, global programs and launches to support the latest technology and solutions.

The Latest From Mark Milinkovich

  • 5 Steps to Starting DevOps with a JFrog Free Subscription

    | 7 min read

    The JFrog Free subscription is a SaaS cloud offering of the JFrog DevOps Platform that provides software developers, DevOps Engineers, System Administrators and students a sandbox environment to explore solutions to common DevOps challenges.  Here are examples of common DevOps challenges, where having a free subscription to the JFrog Platform helps: Job roles transitions Starting…

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  • 3 Ways for Administrators to Scale DevOps Projects

    | 5 min read

    With the global pandemic transforming the majority of customer interactions and transactions to operate in a contactless world, software development has accelerated to address the market shift towards digital businesses. For many enterprises managing this increase in volume and velocity of development projects has added stress to their processes and workforce. With this increased workload,…

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  • Scaling Software Supply Chains Securely

    | 6 min read

    Software supply chains are mission-critical for digital businesses, and as global conditions accelerate the growth in contactless interactions and transactions, many organizations are reviewing how to solve the challenge of scaling the volume and velocity of their software development and release processes to meet the digital demand.  The latest JFrog Platform release delivers a rich…

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  • Swampup Leap: Creating an Inner Source Hub at Siemens

    | 3 min read

    In their presentation at the swampUp 2020 conference, IT service manager Marija Kuester and her team at Siemens AG revealed how they use JFrog Artifactory to deploy and scale their Inner Source Hub service, and meet the challenging needs of their key business stakeholders. In the recorded session, the Siemens team outlined the service architecture…

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