Ben Ifrach

Ben Ifrach

Ben is a Product Manager at JFrog’s Artifactory team, and leading the Packages domain focused on innovation and new technologies. Before starting his Tech-Career, Ben served as a Deputy Submarine Commander and is a proud Naval veteran – for him, the transition to the “Liquid Software Company” was very natural. On his extra time, Ben founded and manage a mentoring program helping Junior Developers from the Ultra-Orthodox Jews community to find their first job in the tech industry and is very active on several other volunteering organizations.

The Latest From Ben Ifrach

  • Complete Your Cloud Kubernetes Registry With Terraform Repositories in Artifactory

    | 5 min read

    When developing container-based services that will be orchestrated by Kubernetes, Terraform is an essential part of your artifact ecosystem. These infrastructure-as-code configuration files help automate the provisioning and maintenance of the cloud environments where your K8s applications will run. That’s why it’s great news that you can now store your Terraform modules, providers, and remote…

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  • How to Use Pub Repositories in Artifactory

    | 8 min read

    If you’re one of the growing number of client app developers embracing the Dart programming language and Flutter and AngularDart toolkits, we’ve got some exciting news for you!  JFrog can now welcome Dart developers to the empowerment of Artifactory’s robust binaries management and the ways that it contributes to continuous integration. We’ve added Pub, the…

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  • Steer OCI to Kubernetes with Artifactory and Helm 3

    | 3 min read

    With the latest release of JFrog Artifactory, your Kubernetes world just got a lot bigger. Artifactory’s Docker registries are now compliant with the Open Container Initiative (OCI). Repository support for images compatible with OCI and support for the Helm 3 client mean you can run K8s with a high degree of versatility. Once you’re no…

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  • Connect your JFrog Artifactory to Docker Hub to Avoid Download Rate Limits

    | 6 min read

    You may have heard the latest Docker announcement about the new rate limits for container image pulls. Starting November 1st, Docker will start to limit Docker Hub usage based on your subscription level and block pull requests that exceed imposed limits. Not only that, Docker has also put in place a new retention policy, six…

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