Amit Ezer

Amit Ezer

JFrog Connect Group Lead

Amit Ezer is the Co-Founder and CEO of Upswift, the creators of connected device management software, which joined JFrog in September 2021. Amit spent five years in the tech unit of the Israeli Defense Force, which launched his career into the field of computer science. Following his service, he built Upswift together with Eitan Chudnovsky, driven from an understanding that connected edge devices needed to be managed.

The Latest From Amit Ezer

  • JFrog Connect: Ready for What’s Next for DevSecOps, Edge and IoT

    | 5 min read

    Today at swampUP, our annual DevOps conference, JFrog CTO Yoav Landman unveiled the next step toward making the Liquid Software vision of continuous, secure updates a truly universal reality.  We’ve introduced JFrog Connect, a new solution designed to help developers update, manage, monitor, and secure remote Linux & Internet of Things (IoT) devices at scale.…

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