Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

As a universal repository, Artifactory supports all major package formats, CI servers and build tools. This “universal” concept also extends to storage as Artifactory offers support for several enterprise storage solutions including Google Cloud Storage (GCS). Artifactory uses the JetS3t framework to access GCS, and once your data is on the cloud, all that is needed to get you started is a simple configuration file. GCS offers all the benefits of an enterprise cloud storage provider:

Unlimited scalability

Since your files are now stored on the cloud, this means that your Artifactory filestore is scalable and effectively unlimited . GCS also optimizes uploading of large files using multi-part upload.


Google’s security model is an end-to-end process offering a replicated strategy with all data encrypted both in-flight and at rest.

Stability and Reliability
Putting GCS’s high level of durability and availability together with an Artifactory HA installation, gives you a highly available system end-to-end.

Disaster Recovery

Google Cloud Storage offers the capability for disaster recovery since all files are replicated and stored with redundancy.


GCS is one of the several providers that Artifactory supports to for enterprise object storage allowing you to optimize how you work with your filestore. And if you are already using other Google Cloud Platform services this gives you the option of co-locating all your cloud services on one platform.